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So4More means so much more to me than just a track for their first anniversary. It shows a lot about the members, especially the rapper line, for they wrote the lyrics for themselves. The lyrics has also made me reflected a lot on my own life and it gave me a lot of thoughts. Thanks, Bangtan.

[Info] There will be a Bangtan Special Stage this Friday 140627 on Music Bank starting at 6.30PM KST. Be sure to stay tuned!

I live everyday like life is a live show. No lip sync.
With this effort, I open the door of my new beginning.
The more I sweat, the bigger the stage gets.
The cheers and applause, it’s blessing like a gift.
More attention brings me more tears.
—J-hope (So 4 More)


Suga is the sweetest looking idol ever  I’m in love - Anon

I really like Jimin’s voice. I like it when he talks, when he sings, when he laughs, and the way he whines/complain. I just like to hear him. It makes me want to squish him and caress him. - Anon
- Kimmie

Bangtan makes AMAZING covers/mixtapes. It disappoints me that some people take it too seriously and end up not seeing their creativity with it. They’re just having fun and want to work with what inspires them. They don’t produce to offend viewers, but to showcase that they too can add on something beautiful to an already finished opus. - Anon
- Chan

Some of the stuff Suga says is so freaking hilarious. Like this guy’s my role model. - Anon
- Kimmie

is yoongi okay
Jin judging Jimin and J-hope ;; are they really dancer line?

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jeongguk’s forehead appreciation post for tae-kooks

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